Vonage Business Referral Program

REFER COMPANIES to our feature-rich, affordable, cloud-based

business phone system and EARN CASH REWARDS

Vonage Business Referral FAQs

Q. How can I receive a cash reward for referring others to Vonage's business service?

A. Your referral sends us their information or you enter their information in the system. Once your referral signs up for service with Vonage Business and is an active customer for 90 days, you receive your reward.

Q. How is my reward amount determined?

A. Total rewards are determined by the number of lines (extensions) that your referral activates. *Applies to unlimited or metered extensions only.

  • Refer an account that signs up for 1-4 lines — get a $200 check
  • Refer an account that signs up for 5-9 lines — get a $500 check
  • Refer an account that signs up for 10-24 lines — get a $1,000 check
  • Refer an account that signs up for 25 or more lines — get a $2,500 check

Q. How can I earn points for referring others to Vonage's business service?

A. You can earn points by completing the activities below.

Qualified ActivityPointsLimitation
Register to participate in Program50One-time only
Share via LinkedIn10One-time per week
Share via Facebook10One-time per week
Share via Twitter 10One-time per week
Share via Email1010 times per week, for a maximum of 100 points per week
Refer a Qualified Referral 450 pointsOne-time per week

Q. Will Vonage Business contact my referral directly?

A. If you enter your referrals information directly in the system or your referral gives us their information using the link you send them, our experienced business phone consultants will contact them directly.

Q. Is there a Vonage Business link I can send my friends and family?

A. Yes. Your Personal Referral Link that you were given when you registered as a new user, will appear in (1) the referral email that is sent to each person you refer and (2) in the information that is sent to your friend when you share the referral offer through Social Media. The link is also available to be copied from the Share and Earn page.

Q. Where do I go to submit new referrals?

A. Please visit the Share and Earn section of the website.

Q. How long does it take to receive my big check once my referral signs up for Vonage Business?

A. After your referral has been an active Vonage Business' customer for 90 days, your check will be processed. To receive your check, we must have your W-9 on file for us to process your payment.

Q. How long will it take for my gift card to arrive?

A. Your gift card will be mailed from VonageBusinessRewards@nextbee.net and should arrive within One (1) Hour but may take up to 48 hours.

Q. Do I have to fill out any other information in order to receive my gift card or big check?

A. If you are receiving a gift card, there is no further action needed. If you are receiving a check, you need to provide a completed W-9 tax form. Once you complete the form, it must be emailed to W9Accounting@vonage.com.

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question about my rewards?

A. Please email rewards@vonage.com for any questions you have about this referral program from Vonage Business.